Scramble Courses

Scrambling is the middle ground between hill walking and climbing where you need to use your hands to aid progression. Sometimes, the use of a rope may be required. Scrambles are graded by difficulty, from 1 to 3 - Grade 1 is usually short sections of easy climbing where good route choice is essential. Grade 2 usually has longer sections of easy to moderate climbing where the use of a rope is required to safeguard the more exposed sections ; grade 3 usually has extended sections of graded rock climbing where the use of a rope is essential.
Our Guided Scramble courses are ideal for small groups looking for someone to show them the way and our instructional courses are for those who want the skills to tackle them independently. From the classics like Tryfan's North ridge to the obscure, Snowdonia hosts some of the best scrambling in the UK. . See below for courses and prices.

Introduction to Scrambling

If you want to tackle a Grade 1 such as Crib Goch or Tryfan's north ridge or something more challenging involving ropes, our qualified Mountaineering Instructors will expertly and safely guide you over and across a route of your choice. We can cater to your requirements and give you a variety of options for a memorable day out in Snowdonia.
A typical day will start in a cafe to discuss route options, weather and equipment before heading out.
For a grade 1, the maximum ratio is 1:4.
For Grade 2+; 1:2

Discount available for multiple days/couples who book at the same time.

Roped Scrambles course

Our roped scrambles course is aimed at those looking for instruction on the use of ropes to enable you to take on grade 2 or 3 on your own. This is a 2 day course, and we will provide all the equipment and guidance to give you the skills and knowledge to get you on your way to independence.
Our Roped scrambling courses are run on a 1:2 ratio to ensure maximum learning.
A typical course will include instruction in:
Route Choice,
Equipment choice,
Belaying and safeguarding your partner,
Anchor selection,
Emergency procedures and retreating.


Prices: £200 pp
Discount available for multiple days/couples who book at the same time.