Learn to Lead climb


This is a 2 day trad climbing instroduction. Based in North Wales and Snowdonia. See below for course details. Price is for up to 2 people.

Association of Mountaineering Instructors



Learn how to lead climb with our 2 day course. This course is aimed at those looking to progress to leading their own routes safely and efficiently. Part of becoming an independent climber involves having to be on the sharp end of the rope. This can be a daunting experience if you’ve only ever seconded or top-roped before. Under the tuition and guidance of one of our Mountaineering and climbing instructors, we guarantee you will leave a better, safer climber.
Course content
We will take you through the process of preparing, climbing and building an anchor to bring up a second and we will cover the following as we do:

  • Venue choice
  • Using guide book
  • Selection and use of equipment
  • Placing and removing protection
  • Rope management
  • Belaying
  • Problem solving

We will begin the day at 9am in a cafe to look at options as the weather will dictate where we end up. We should be finished for 4:30pm for a debrief. You don’t need any of your own equipment as it can be provided but you are welcome to bring your own to use. Ratios are 1 instructor to 2 climbers to ensure maximum learning in a realistic setting.


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