Explore Snowdonia

Mountain walking is one of the most accessible activities going but the mountains can be unforgiving places, even for the most experienced. 

If you want to truly enjoy these special places, it definitely pays to have the right skills to deal with whatever situations you might encounter but if you are unsure about what those skills are or where to start looking, this is where I can help. 

I run a variety of skills courses throughout the year that will prepare you for exploring the mountains whatever experience you already have. 

Below are the links to courses that I run.

Mountain Skills

Holistic navigation and mountain safety courses based on the fundamentals of mountain walking. 

Not just a navigation course, here we will cover everything from route planning to emergency procedures and everything in between. Follow the link or click/tap the picture for more info including course content and syllabus.

There are 2 levels to choose from:

Map to Basics – a fundamental course for those new to hill walking 

Mountain Skills – a 2 day (minimum) course for those with some experience 

Follow the link to read more about these courses.

Guided Mountain Walking

If you’re looking for someone to show you the way to the top of a Snowdonia Mountain,  I can offer you a guided trip that will not only help you to achieve your goal, but will give you an unforgettable experience.

Follow the link below for some inspiration of possible days out.