I'll show you the way

Are you are looking for a qualified mountaineering instructor for some guided scrambling and climbing? 

If you have a particular route in mind but not the confidence to tackle it yourself, I am available to be your guide. You’re not just being shown the way. I will mentor you; give you instruction and support to ensure you go away a better, safer climber having climbed a top quality route.  

Guided Climbing in Snowdonia Higher Climbing Wales
James On a Classic Climb on Lliwedd

Classic Climbs

Wales is home to a huge number of climbs that have the title of being a classic climb. They are usually long and interesting routes with a huge sense of adventure. I have personally climbed many of these routes multiple times because of how good they are. I love showing my clients the best examples Snowdonia has to offer. They are usually a full day affair and route finding can be challenging so hiring me would enable you to just enjoy the climb. 

Sea cliff climbing course on Anglesey
John Enjoying the crux pitch of Lighthouse Arete

Sea Cliffs

Sea cliffs are my personal favourite venues to climb at. They host some of the most exciting rock climbs in incredible situations with views of the sea and wildlife 

There’s something really special about climbing somewhere most people don’t know about let alone are able to access. The only audience being a random inquisitive seal.

These climbs mostly require complex abseils and a knowledge of the tides. If you just want to climb on them, I can guide you on some of the more accessible routes or, depending on your ability, something more difficult or adventurous. Given the nature of the climbing, prior climbing experience is required and ideally you should be able to follow me up a route of at least HS and be able to abseil with a Prussic. 

Roped scrambles instruction higher climbing wales Snowdonia
Neil on a grade 2 scramble in the Ogwen Valley


Scrambling is one of the best ways to explore the mountains.

Taking you through short sections of relatively easy climbing terrain interspersed with less technical sections. The difficulty of scrambles increases with the grading (1 to 3) meaning that the use of a rope may be required as the grade increase or if environmental factors change.

Snowdonia has some of the best scrambles in the UK with many of them concentrated in the Ogwen Valley meaning you can link a number of individual scrambles together to make a longer journey. 

I will show you some of the best examples of these and give you some essential mountain skills on use of technical equipment.

Crib Goch
Scrambling Crib Goch

Mountain Walking

Walking is one of the most accessible ways of exploring the mountains and hills but it isn’t without its difficulties. If you don’t feel like you have the skills to access these areas or the time to dedicate learning all the skills required to go alone, hiring a guide for the day to take all the stress of route finding etc is money well spent. 

Each day will not just be me silently leading from the front telling you to hurry up. I will involve you and coach you in every way possible to ensure you go away with more confidence and skills than you started with. 

Each day will be tailored to your requirements though weather changes may mean last minute changes.  


Guiding on technical rock climbing and scrambling terrain is limited to one instructor to 2 clients to ensure maximum safety and learning opportunities.

Mountain scrambling (without ropes) is limited to 1:4 ratio (maximum).

Mountain Walking on non-technical terrain is limited to 1:8

All necessary safety equipment is provided.


Learn the skills

If you would rather learn the skills to become an independent mountaineer, the links below will take you to the relevant pages for my Instructional courses.